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B.M.K. Industries

PHP | SQL | API   Program Developer
Melbourne Australia

Computing Languages:
• Programming: C, PHP, JavaScript, LISP and MQL4 (MetaTrader 4).
• Database: SQL (MySQL, SQLite and Interbase/Firebird).
• Markup: HTML, XHTML and XML.
• Tutoring in all of the above languages.

Programming Experience:
• Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways.
• Develop secure Client Login and Management systems for web sites.
• Develop PHP code for Image, PDF and XLS Spreadsheet creation from data.
• PHP/MySQL based Intranet and Web Databases.
• Develop custom Web Site Content Management systems.
• Web API (application programming interface) development.
• Online surveys and statistics web site maintenance and development.
• Logistics and Accounting Intranet maintenance and development.
• Develop document archiving and retrieval systems for Intranet.
• Develop warranty and repair management database for service company.
• Develop grid computing software and protocol.
• Develop SMS messaging and OPT IN systems.
• Develop software to manage Network Routes and ISP change-over.
• Custom Google Mapping from data.

Financial Services Experience:
• Back-office IT support and web back-end development.
• Integrate stock exchange XML Data Feeds into web sites and databases.
• Develop client watch-list and portfolio management tools for stock broker.
• Robots to find/report Exchange Traded Options with High Premiums.
• Develop Unit Price management software for Investment Trust.
• Develop Currency Robots to trade Forex (Foreign Exchange) live on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.
• Forex strategy back-testing.
• MT4 Expert Advisors (including E-Mail, SMS and On-Screen Trading Alerts).
• Custom Indicators and One-Click Trading Buttons for MetaTrader 4.

I.T. Experience:
• Setup (Linux and BSD) Servers, Routers and Firewalls.
• Comms expertise with NBN, ADSL, SHDSL and Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet.
• TCP/IP Networking and Security.
• O.S. Experience includes FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux.
• Custom Apache Web Server builds.
• Linux System Administration and Networking.
• Linux Wi-Fi (wireless) and Mobile networking.
• Linux High Performance Virtual Computing.

Data Encryption Experience:
• Secure Web Servers (SSL).
• OpenSSL patching and upgrades.
• VPN (virtual private network) setup.

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Phone: 0421-447-863
Address: PO Box 505
 Altona, VIC 3018